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Former State Sen. Gordon MacInnes (D-Morris Township),, president of New Jersey Policy Perspective

MacInnes will give up think tank presidency

Ex-Senator will transition out of top post as NJPP launches nationwide search

By David Wildstein, August 08 2018 10:38 am

Former State Sen. Gordon MacInnes announced today that he will leave his post as president of New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP) later this year and transition into a new job as a Distinguished Senior Fellow.

MacInnes has quadrupled the revenues and doubled the staff at the left-leaning New Jersey-based think tank during his six years as president.

“It has been an honor and privilege to lead New Jersey Policy Perspective in its pursuit for a stronger and more equitable economy,” said MacInnes. “NJPP is effective because it is disciplined in its selection of issues, reliable in its analyses, and flexible in responding to changing political conditions. New Jersey will benefit as NJPP and its dedicated analysts continue to deliver quality results on a campaign-like schedule in support of sensible, progressive policies. I am so proud of the work we accomplished over the last six years and look forward to seeing NJPP thrive under new leadership.”

NJPP has retained an executive search firm that specializes in non-profits to conduct a national search for MacInnes’ successor.

MacInnes, 77, worked for New Jersey Public Television before launching a career in politics.  In 1973, he ousted Republican Assemblyman Albert Merck (R-Mendham), the heir to a pharmaceutical fortune, to win a Morris County State Assembly seat as a Democrat.  In 1993, he defeated Senate Majority Leader John Dorsey (R-Boonton) to win a seat in the State Senate.

According to NJPP, MacInnes will devote his time to research on New Jersey’s preschool education system.

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