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Jersey Journal reporter and columnist Joe Albright. (Photo: Jim Manion).

Joe Albright, fabled N.J. reporter, dies at 93

By David Wildstein, May 05 2022 12:01 pm

Joseph Albright, a legendary New Jersey journalist respected by generations of political leaders and readers in Hudson County and across the state, died today.  He was 93.

Known as “Saint Joseph” and “Uncle Joe,” Albright dominated political journalism in New Jersey for parts of seven decades.

Albright began his journalism career as a sportswriter at the Trentonian but remained there for just a brief period before the Korean War led him to enlist in the U.S. Navy.

After leaving the Navy, Albright spent six years as a Philadelphia Daily News sportswriter before losing his job under a shakeup by a new owner.  He spent a year as a reporter in upstate New  York before taking a new position that would change his life.

In 1965, Albright became a statehouse reporter for the Jersey Journal, covering Trenton for the Hudson County daily newspaper.  His service began during Gov. Richard Hughes’ first term and extended into Gov. Phil Murphy’s second term.

He covered some of the most colorful personalities in New Jersey, people like David Friedland, William Vincent Musto, and Christopher Jackman.

His final column appeared in the Jersey Journal today.

Along with two other giants, Augie Torres and the late Pete Weiss, the Jersey Journal had one of the strongest political journalism teams in the state for decades.

Albright’s passing followed the death this week of Michelangelo Conte, a 57-year-old veteran Jersey Journal reporter, after a short battle with cancer.

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