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New Jersey has more than 1 million more Democrats than Republicans. Photo courtesy of Ohio State University.

In Blue Jersey, GOP continues to gain on Dems in voter registration

New Jersey still has 1 million more Dems that Republicans, but the cushion is shrinking

By David Wildstein, February 03 2023 9:57 am

New Jersey Republicans picked up 1,209 voters in January 2023, while the number of Democrats dropped by 1,316, according to data released by the New Jersey Division of Elections.

The state has 1,002,195 more Democrats than Republicans, but that number has dropped by 7% since Joe Biden won the presidency and Democrats had a 1,079,09-voter edge.

Registered Democrats make up 38.8% of New Jersey’s electorate, while 23.4% are registered Republicans, and 36.5% are unaffiliated with a political party.

In New Jersey’s 7th congressional district, which flipped from blue to red last year and remains one of the nation’s most closely-watched House 2024 House races, Democrats added 133 new votes while GOP registration went up by 38.

Changes in voter registration in potentially competitive legislative districts since last month have been hardly noticeable: in LD-3, where State Sen. Ed Durr (R-Logan), the upset winner in 2021, is seeking to win a second term,  Republicans narrowed the registration gap by 197 voters; in LD-16, where freshman State Sen. Andrew Zwicker (D-South Brunswick) wants to be re-elected, the Democratic registration edge has shifted to a net gain of 116.  And in LD-14, the Democratic registration edge of 27,471 lost just two voters.

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