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Photo courtesy of the Clackamas County Historical Society. Photo by Josie Barnett for the Oregon City Enterprise Courier.

Foul weather dampens Tuesday turnout, election officials and campaigns say

Storm systems from the west appear to have lightened already lax voter turnout

By Nikita Biryukov, June 08 2021 6:23 pm

Elections officials and campaigns from both sides of the aisle say voter turnout slowed to a crawl Tuesday afternoon, as storms covered the northern and western portions of New Jersey.

The day’s light in-person voter turnout appears to have grown lighter as the weather turned sour.

Much of northern New Jersey was blanketed with clouds by the late afternoon, and thunder storms have passed over areas bordering Philadelphia.

Those weather systems are expected to continue moving westward in the hours before polls close, weather radar shows.

They’ll blanket areas housing some of the state’s most competitive districts.

The Atlantic County-based second legislative district will see storms intensify before 8 p.m., and portions of Ocean County hosting legislative primaries are expected to see similar downpours.

Tuesday began with the weekend’s heat wave still intact, though temperatures had fallen from their Sunday highs.

The primary-day storms broke the heat, dropping temperatures in parts of the state down into the 80s for the first time in days, though observers told the New Jersey Globe the cooling effect appears to have done little to draw voters out of their homes.

Instead, the rain appears to be keeping them away.

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