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Paterson Councilwoman Ruby Cotton (NEW JERSEY GLOBE PHOTO)

Cotton not worried about PVSC delay

Paterson Councilwoman nominated in May

By David Wildstein, August 09 2018 12:25 am

More than two months have passed since Gov. Phil Murphy named Paterson Councilwoman Ruby Cotton to the Passaic County Sewerage Commission, but the State Senate still has not considered her nomination.

Cotton, who served as interim Mayor of Paterson before Andre Sayegh took office, says she’s not concerned about the delay and that she expects her appointment to move forward without a hitch.

Murphy named Cotton and Passaic Mayor Hector Lora to fill empty seats caused by the resignations of Kenneth Lucianin and Scott Heck.  Cotton is a Democrat and Lora was twice elected to the Passaic County Board of Freeholders as a Democrat before changing his party registration to unaffiliated last December.

Murphy faces some challenges to confirming Lora and Cotton.  State law requires commissioners from the same county to be of different parties.

State Sen. Kristin Corrado (R-Totowa) has not yet signed off on Cotton or Lora for the two Passaic County seats.

“I’ve spoken with Senator Corrado’s chief of staff and told her that I would be available to meet with the Senator if she asks,” Cotton said.

Sources close to Corrado say that the Senator has serious concerns about Murphy’s plan to stack the PVSC and has no plans to sign off on Lora and Cotton.  If Corrado holds back her approval on both nominees, it could force Murphy to pull one back.

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