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Al Alvarez, a former Murphy administration official and campaign staffer.

Alvarez disappointed people rushed to judgment on allegations, lawyers say

Ex-Murphy administration official claims relationship with Brennan was consensual

By David Wildstein, January 24 2019 12:01 pm

Former Murphy administration official Al Alvarez will now look to rebuild his reputation now that prosecutors from two counties have cleared him on allegations that he sexually assaulted Katie Brennan in 2017, his lawyers said today.

“Since the beginning of this ordeal, Albert J. Alvarez has steadfastly maintained his innocence while demonstrating humility and respect for our criminal justice process,” said John Hogan and Stacy Ann Biancamano in a statement released this morning.  “Despite the very public and political attention this case has garnered, two separate and independent law enforcement investigations have now come to the same conclusion: That there is no basis to pursue criminal charges.”

They said that Alvarez has maintained that the “events of that night in April 2017 were consensual and the lack of credible evidence and corroboration of a crime has again cleared him of any wrongdoing.”

“Mr. Alvarez appreciates the hard work and dedication of the law enforcement professionals affiliated with both the Hudson and Middlesex County Prosecutors’ offices. He trusted that our criminal justice system would act impartially and adhere to due process in the face of highly inflammatory public and political reactions,” the attorneys said.  “While he was disappointed that others rushed to judgment, he is so very grateful to all of those who believed in him.”

“Although he has now been cleared by two independent investigations, his vindication seems conciliatory when compared with the damage that has already been caused. These unsubstantiated allegations led to Mr. Alvarez being unfairly forced to resign and have devastated his promising career, not to mention the emotional toll this process has taken upon him and his loved ones,” Hogan and Biancamano said.  “Nevertheless, he looks forward to rebuilding his reputation and anticipates a similar outcome when he responds to the civil complaint.”

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