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2019 New Jersey Globe Voter’s Guide

By NJGlobe, November 01 2019 4:53 pm

The 2019 New Jersey Globe Voter’s Guide takes a look at the statewide map for Tuesday’s mid-term elections.

With a record number of vote-by-mail ballots already cast for an off-off year election, 2019 is looking like the Year of the Unlikely Voter. 

Democrats have a 54-26 majority in the New Jersey State Assembly and Republicans are playing defense in several closely-watched and expensive legislative races.

Just one State Senate seat is on the ballot this year: a special election in the 1st district, where voters will decide who will fill the remaining 26 months of the seat Jeff Van Drew gave up earlier this year to become a congressman.

All 80 State Assembly seats are up, although the results in most of them are pre-ordained. 

Democrats think they can flip up to seven GOP Assembly seats – if there is a perfect storm.   Republicans are trying to wrestle ten seats, but fundraising challenges have made that unrealistic. 

Click HERE to download the New Jersey Globe Voter’s Guide.



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