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Photo by Nikita Biryukov for the New Jersey Globe

Webber won’t release full internal poll results

By Nikita Biryukov, October 01 2018 3:03 pm

Assemblyman Jay Webber on Monday said an internal poll question showing the candidate down three points, 43%-46%, against Mikie Sherrill was asked before the campaign applied its messaging, though he declined to release the full survey or provide a post-messaging figure.

“Straight up before,” Webber said when asked about the question’s placement. “We don’t release the full details of our surveys, but you’ve got a comprehensive memo that we gave you that shows that this race is a statistical dead heat with five weeks to go.”

The portions of the 400-voter survey released by Webber’s campaign are relatively scant, providing, in addition to the above question, figures on voters’ leaning on a generic ballot and a figure showing undecided voters’ approval of President Donald Trump.

Of all voters, 49% of respondents in the internal poll said they had a favorable view of the president, while 59% of undecided voters said the same.

The poll was conducted by Adam Geller’s National Research, a top GOP polling firm.

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One thought on “Webber won’t release full internal poll results

  1. He will not release it because it was a push-poll designed to paint Mikie Sherrill in a negative light. I know several people that were included in this poll and they all confirmed that the polling included questions designed to frame Mikie Sherrill negatively.

    Webber’s campaign is foundering and he’s looking for any way possible to attract attention to it. Look for more false claims about Mikie Sherrill coming from his team soon. Meanwhile, Webber tries to hide from his own record of trying to ban gay marriage after it was already legal, promoting gay conversion therapies to fix gay teens, making sure that abusers can keep their guns, and voting against equal pay for women (one of only two in the Assembly) just this year.

    Jay Webber may have never met a tax cut he didn’t like, but in every other way he is so out of touch with the voters of NJ-11.

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