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Vietnam vets demand apology from Webber

By David Wildstein, March 01 2018 9:07 am

A pair of Vietnam veterans say they are outraged over Assemblyman Jay Webber’s comments about Republican congressional candidate Antony Ghee.

“Having served our Country in uniform during the Vietnam War I am offended by Assemblyman Jay Webber’s comments that Major Tony Ghee was ‘hiding behind the uniform,’ said Ed Benedict, a retired sergeant. “In a cheap attempt to score political points by attacking a soldier who voluntarily wears our uniform leaves me saddened for our country’s future.”

Benedict and retired specialist George Tashjan say that Webber needs to apologize “not just to Tony but to every veteran for his despicable comment.”

“Shame on Jay Webber. I fought for our country, to protect our way of life and democracy, not for people like Jay Webber to make this kind of an accusation,” said Tashjan. “If he thinks a soldier ‘hides behind his uniform’ then he doesn’t know what it means to serve our country. That type of thinking has no place in our society, let alone from someone who wants to be a congressman.”

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