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Hunterdon County Republican Chairman Patrick Torpey

Torpey calls Malinowski a hypocrite

GOP chairman says candidate can’t have it both ways

By David Wildstein, May 16 2018 12:18 pm

Updated at 3:18 PM to include comment from Tom Malinowski.

Tom Malinowski is being called a hypocrite by the top Republican in Hunterdon County for saying he won’t take corporate PAC contributions while his supporters are raising money for a Super PAC funded by corporations.

“After a career as a Washington insider, Tom Malinowski fails to see the hypocrisy of bragging about his refusal to take corporate PAC contributions, while his allies have been raising hundreds of thousands of dollars directly from corporations,” said Hunterdon County Republican Chairman Patrick Torpey.

Torpey’s statement follows a POLITICO report that Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington (CREW) has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission for not taking action over an anonymous $1 million contribution to the Coalition for Progress.

“There is no problem with accepting legal contributions from corporate PACs, but Malinowski can’t have it both ways,” Torpey said.  “Either he stands by his refusal to receive help from corporations and should publicly rebuke their support or he needs to admit to benefiting from corporate giving and stop deceiving the voters of the 7th District.”

Malinowski says the real hypocrite here is Rep. Leonard Lance, the five-term Republican incumbent.

“I’m so grateful to Patrick Torpey for putting the issue of campaign finance and corruption on the table in our campaign.  Congressman Lance takes a big share of his contributions directly from corporate PACs, whereas I won’t take a penny from them.  Lance has boasted about blocking the DISCLOSE act, which would shed light on anonymous contributions to organizations like the NRA that buy political ads, whereas I will fight to ban dark money in political campaigns,” Malinowski said.  “This is a major difference between us, and between him and the voters of the 7th district.”

Coalition for Progress is a Super PAC allied with Jersey City mayor Steve Fulop and was originally started to help Fulop if he ran for governor in 2017.

Coalition for Progress FEC Lawsuit
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One thought on “Torpey calls Malinowski a hypocrite

  1. Amazing that Torpey had no opinion when his Freeholder, John King, used county funds to finance an extramarital affair at conferences. I suppose John King decided to announce he wasn’t running for re-election six months before the filing deadline just because he had nothing else to do that day. Come on Patrick, don’t play games criticizing others when you’re own people are far from playing by the rules.

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