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Democratic congressional candidate Zina Spezakis

Spezakis says she wasn’t invited to screen for lines

Pascrell primary challenger calls process ‘inherently unfair’

By David Wildstein, February 19 2020 5:39 pm

A progressive congressional candidate says that party leaders in Passaic and Hudson counties did not speak with her before awarding their organization line to 12-term incumbent Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-Paterson)

Zina Spezakis, who has the backing of Our Revolution New Jersey in her bid to unseat Pascrell, said that she was not invited to attend last Saturday’s screening committee meeting in Passaic County.

She complained that her questions about the nominating process have gone unanswered.

“I called (Passaic County Democratic Chairman) John Currie last spring and he told me ‘nobody owns a seat’ and  that ‘we’ll have you in for lunch,’” Spezakis told the New Jersey Globe.  “I could show you the e-mail trail.  It’s been like crickets since then.”

Another Pascrell primary rival, Alp Basaran, did attend the screening committee but received no votes.

Spezakis said that she does not expect to compete in next month’s Bergen County Democratic convention to award their organization line, and she’s not sure she wants to.

“I don’t think they want me running,” she said. “The process is inherently unfair.”

Spezakis found out about the Passaic and Hudson lines going to Pascrell after reading the Globe, she said.

Spezakis said she has not ruled out running on separate line with Bernie Sanders.

Hudson and Passaic have announced their slates, but postponed their decision on awarding their lines for the presidential race.

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