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Rep. Mikie Sherrill. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe)

Sherrill raises at least $223,000 since Oct. 17

Webber behind, but Trump fundraiser not yet reported

By Nikita Biryukov, October 27 2018 6:30 pm

Editor’s Note: After this story was published, a new Webber 48-hour notice was posted to the FEC website. This article has been updated to reflect the content of that notice.

Mikie Sherrill has raised at least $223,862.03 since Oct. 17, according to FEC filings.

That figure is derived from 48-hour notices, which, per FEC rules are only required to list donations meeting or exceeding $1,000.

Sherrill’s most recent filing lists donations from Oct. 26.

It would appear that Sherrill’s still trouncing her opponent, Assemblyman Jay Webber, when it comes to funding, but that might not be the case for long.

While Webber’s 48-hour notices list a comparatively meager $133,850 received since Oct. 17. Webber’s notices do not appear to list donations received at a fundraiser headlined by President Donald Trump in Washington on Thursday.

It’s possible those donations went to his PAC, the Webber Victory Committee, as was the case for previous Webber fundraisers featuring Vice President Mike Pence.

Webber told the New Jersey Globe yesterday that the event brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars but could not provide a more exact figure.

His most recent 48-hour notice lists donations from Oct. 26.

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