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Sherill calls out Webber on Equal Pay Vote

Says GOP Assemblyman is ‘out of step’

By David Wildstein, March 26 2018 7:11 pm

Democratic congressional candidate Mikie Sherill slammed Assemblyman Jay Webber, one of the Republicans running for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district, for being one of two Republicans to vote against the Equal Pay Act today.

“In 2018 it is hard to believe that any legislator would vote against ensuring women get equal pay for equal work,” said Sherrill. “I am deeply disappointed that Assemblyman Jay Webber chose to vote, yet again, against legislation that would give the women of New Jersey a well-deserved raise. As one of just two members to vote against this bill, he is out of step with the people of New Jersey and not the type of leader we want in Trenton or deserve in Washington.

Sherill praised the legislation passed 74-2 by the Assembly, saying that lawmakers voted to enhance New Jersey’s economy by guaranteeing pay equity for women.

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One thought on “Sherill calls out Webber on Equal Pay Vote

  1. Assembly Member Webber is out of touch with residents in both the 11th Congressional District and the 26th Legislative District. Even the Republican voters are fairly moderate, unlike the very conservative Republican candidates who proudly support President Trump and his misguided policies. Mikie Sherrill is the right person to represent the residents of the 11th Congressional District.

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