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Fred Schneiderman. (Photo: Fred Schneiderman).

Schneiderman raises $280k, more than half of it from himself

Even with self-funding, De Gregorio still reported bigger Q1 haul

By Joey Fox, April 15 2022 4:59 pm

Businessman Fred Schneiderman’s campaign for the 5th congressional district reported today that it had raised $279,842 – with more than half of that total coming from Schneiderman himself.

In addition to raising $114,093 from donors, Schneiderman directly gave his campaign $14,749 and loaned it an additional $150,000. He spent $132,511 during the same period, with $25,668 going to the consulting firm of Kellyanne Conway, and a has $147,331 warchest left.

Schneiderman’s top rival in the Republican primary, U.S. Marine veteran Nick De Gregorio, raised $309,503 in the first quarter, while 2020 nominee Frank Pallotta trailed far behind and raised just $38,650. Two other candidates, Sab Skenderi and Richard Franolich, are not running serious campaigns.

Schneiderman did not strongly contest the party conventions in Bergen or Passaic Counties; Bergen County gave its line to De Gregorio, and Passaic for Pallotta. His campaign has instead insisted it will wage a campaign directed at voters themselves via TV, radio, and digital ads, the first of which launched earlier this month.

While Republicans decide on their nominee, Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff) is facing an uncontested primary and has continued fundraising voraciously for a fourth term in the historically competitive district. Gottheimer raised $1.2 million last quarter, and has $13.1 million on-hand.

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