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U.S. Senate candidate Rik Mehta.

Rik Mehta: Building a Better New Jersey

By Dr. Rik Mehta, November 20 2020 1:01 pm


I want to start by saying that this journey has been an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It truly has been the best job interview I have ever been on and I thank you for the opportunity.

For more than a year I have had the honor of campaigning for one of our State’s highest offices and being the nominee and the voice for so many great people across our state. I heard your stories, I felt your pain, I‘ve seen your struggle and I want you to know that your voice has been heard, that your strength and resolve will drive us to make our state better, to fight back against all odds and to never give up no matter how difficult the challenges we face. I will continue to stand with the amazing folks I’ve met during this campaign and I will always champion small businesses which are not only the backbone of our nation’s economy, but the pathway to our American Dream. There is so much work to do and the fight must continue. We must not let personal ambitions overshadow the greater good for our great state. We must fight back – with good policy, not provocation – and, with every ounce we have left in us and that’s what I will do. While we remain optimistic for a brighter future, we must face the real challenges that lay ahead in the coming months.

We must come up with a plan to defeat COVID-19 once and for all. While therapeutics and vaccines advance, so must our resolve to control the virus, not let the virus control us.

We must help our small businesses get back on their feet so people can safely return to work and that our economy can grow again.

We must reopen our schools.

We must develop a workable health care plan that protects those with pre-existing conditions, lowers our healthcare costs and lowers, once and for all, the cost of prescription drugs. Our seniors depend on us.

We must bring back to New Jersey our medical manufacturing jobs lost to China during the last decade. Never again should we allow the health of Americans to be put at risk by a Communist Party that is now an aggressive adversary. It’s time we saw “Made in the USA” labels on our prescription drugs.

I am proud to have been the first Republican of color ever nominated for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey. It is my hope that this race, and my accomplishment will inspire our next generation to enter public life and be part of the political process. Let the State of New Jersey watch Republicans reach beyond their traditional base to non-traditional conservative communities, minorities, young people, people who love America and who want a stronger, safer, and more united America under God.

I’d like to thank my campaign staff, who pulled out every stop and turned the heat up on Sen. Cory Booker, leaving him with no other choice but to debate us, a debate where we handily won and laid out a vision for a better New Jersey. I’d like to thank my grassroots team throughout all 21 counties who spent countless hours in the field spreading our mission and growing our support.

And to the people of New Jersey, the small business owners like Ian and Frank from Atilis gym, who made their gym my campaign site, Jenny from Randolph Tennis Center, Brian from Lakeside Diner, Alaina from 240 Salon and countless other small businesses devastated by our hypocritical Governor’s disastrous policies, and who have fought back valiantly against a tone-deaf government, I stood with you then, I stand with you now, and I will stand with you going forward. Because this is not the end of our journey this is just beginning and we will not stop until we make New Jersey a place to live, not leave.

Let’s be Jersey Proud together!

Dr. Rik Mehta was the Republican candidate for United State Senator from New Jersey in 2020.

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