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Former Monmouth County Freeholder Gary RIch

Rich doesn’t make ballot in Monmouth

Ex-freeholder is a no-show at home county screening committee

By David Wildstein, February 03 2020 9:33 pm

Gary Rich’s  bid for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination to run against Cory Booker appears to be collapsing. 

Former Monmouth County freeholder Gary Rich will not appear on the ballot at his home GOP county convention on Saturday after failing to show up for his screening committee interview, according to a report on More Monmouth Musings.

He has now lost convention votes in Union and Somerset counties, poor showings for the only one of the six Republican candidates to have held public office.

Rich did not file year-end reports with the Federal Election Commission, an indication that either he missed the deadline or fell short of raising $5,000. 

His spokesperson declined to comment.

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