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Amy Kennedy

NRCC hits Kennedy over in-state fundraising

Candidate calls on Van Drew to back House Democrats’ $3 trillion stimulus bill

By Nikita Biryukov, May 14 2020 5:11 pm

The National Republican Congressional Committee is taking aim at Amy Kennedy.

The GOP organization attacked the House candidate over campaign donations Wednesday, claiming the $28,150 from lobbyists in the first quarter of 2020 eclipsed the $26,600 residents who live in New Jersey’s second congressional district.

The majority of the $816,330 Kennedy raised in the first quarter came from out-of-state residents, many of the donations fueled by her family’s political connections. She received $51,345 from New Jersey residents in the first quarter, less than she raised from donors in California and Massachusetts.

Kennedy is running for the Democratic nod to take on Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-Dennis) who was elected as a Democrat in 2018 but defected to the Republican party after losing the support of rank-and-file Democrats in NJ-2 over his opposition to impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

The Democrat saw the NRRC’s attacks as a good sign.

“I won’t be cowed by attacks from Jeff Van Drew and the National Republican Campaign Committee.  The fact that they are coming after me only confirms that they know what I know — the people of South Jersey want change and I am the best candidate to beat Jeff Van Drew and turn this district blue again in the fall,” said Kennedy.  “Earlier today, I called on Jeff Van Drew to stop helping President Trump and Republican leadership line the pockets of big corporations and start helping the people here in South Jersey by supporting The HEROES Act.  Van Drew’s response was to unleash the Republican attack dogs.”

Earlier in the day, Kennedy called on Van Drew to back a $3 trillion stimulus bill House Democrats introduced on Tuesday.

“With the introduction of the HEROES Act and the leadership of House Democrats, we are one step closer to providing Americans with the relief they need. Congressman Jeff Van Drew should step up and support the HEROES Act for the sake of the people here in South Jersey who need help now,” Kennedy said. “The impacts of the pandemic have been catastrophic in South Jersey, and families are struggling to get by. We cannot allow our leaders to continue playing politics with worker relief while bailing out big corporations.”

This article was updated with additional comment from Kennedy at 7:41 p.m.

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