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Analilia Mejia

Mejia hits Hugin on sanctuary cities opposition

Lonegan launching ‘Stop Sanctuary Cities Tour’

By David Wildstein, April 13 2018 1:20 pm

A second surrogate is attacking GOP U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin’s criticism of sanctuary cities, offer some indication that Democratic polling shows this issue will work to incumbent Bob Menendez’s advantage in the fall.

But one Republican congressional candidate, Steve Lonegan, announced that he will launch a “Stop Sanctuary Cities Tour” on Saturday “to mobilize opposition against sanctuary city policies and the Murphy-Gottheimer plan to turn New Jersey into a sanctuary state.”

Appearing on conservative Rich Zeoli’s radio show, Hugin said he views sanctuary cities as illegal.

“Bob Hugin’s belief that sanctuary cities are illegal shows his true colors and should alarm immigrant communities across New Jersey. Hugin’s contentious beliefs and rhetoric only adhere to Donald Trump’s agenda,” said Working Families Executive Director, Analilia Mejia. “We do not need an out of touch extremist whose goal is to separate law-abiding families in New Jersey. These policies are a vital part of our public safety and allow victims or witnesses of everyday crimes to not fear deportation for speaking up.”

Lonegan will kick off his tour tomorrow in Sussex County, followed by stops in Warren, Passaic and Bergen.

“Mayor Lonegan will meet with citizens to discuss his ideas for stopping sanctuary policies and keeping New Jersey families and communities safe from criminal illegal aliens,” said his campaign manager, Mike Proto.

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