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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

McCarthy signals GOP support of Becchi

House Republican leader: ‘the future is bright for Republicans in the state of New Jersey’

By David Wildstein, January 21 2020 12:30 pm

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy praised Rosemary Becchi’s decision to switch races and challenge freshman Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-Montclair).

“The future is bright for Republicans in the state of New Jersey. I applaud Rosemary Becchi and her family for embracing the challenge of running for New Jersey’s 11th congressional district,” said McCarthy. “This news is welcome and exciting as Americans are hungry to change directions from partisanship to solutions.”

McCarthy stops short of endorsing Becchi, but his comments indicate that national Republicans are ready to coalesce around her candidacy to take on Sherrill.

The House Republican leader endorsed Tom Kean, Jr. for Congress in the 7th district last summer and contributed $10,000 to Kate Gibbs for her bid to unseat Rep. Andy Kim (D-Marlton) in the 3rd district.

“In 2020, Republicans can take back the House, and the more candidates who are fighting for results for their constituents like Rosemary we have running, the better,” McCarthy said.

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2 thoughts on “McCarthy signals GOP support of Becchi

  1. So McCarthy tosses a cost-free compliment Becchi’s way. No money is ever following it, and that’s what really matters.
    Tom Kean will get NRCC money. Jeff Van Drew will get NRCC money. Becchi ain’t. EVER.
    Washington Lobbyist Rosemary Becchi IS The Swamp. Yeah, sure, grassroots Republicans in the 11th are going to get real excited about that. Just like Republicans in the 7th got real excited about Swamp Becchi. (NOT)

  2. Washington Lobbyist Becchi (swamp creature) is the exact reason president Donald trump won in 2016. Now she’s switching races because she’s getting her butt kicked in the other race. This defines “Opportunist”, makes Sherrill look like a real public servant

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