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A new Congressional Leadership Fund ad criticizes Rep. Tom Malinowski for high government spending. (Photo: CLF via YouTube).

Malinowski’s body double returns in new GOP attack ad

Congressional Leadership Fund accuses congressman of misusing taxpayer money

By Joey Fox, October 05 2022 8:00 am

The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), a top GOP super PAC, is airing a new TV ad slamming Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-Ringoes) on government spending, marking the latest outside foray into the expensive contest for the 7th congressional district.

The spot, “Who Is It,” brings back a starring character from CLF’s previous advertising: a man in a gray wig pretending to be Malinowski, with whom he bears only the most passing resemblance. As not-Congressman Malinowski walks down the street, a couple looking at him from their house criticize his votes for Democratic bills and his support for increasing the size of the IRS.

Script: (Female narrator): “Honey, who is it?” 
(Male narrator): “It’s Tom Malinowski.”
(FN): “Again?”
(MN): “Yeah. You know, he voted for billions that went to luxury golf courses, resorts, and stimulus checks to prisoners.”
(FN): “So he’s always looking for more of our money.”
(MN): “Yep. He cosponsored a bill with a nearly 20% payroll tax increase.”
(FN): “And who are those guys with him?”
(MN): “IRS agents. He was a key vote in doubling the agency’s size, and we could pay.”
(FN): “What do we do?”
(Both): “Let’s vote him out of Congress!”

Malinowski, a two-term congressman who flipped the 7th district in 2018, faces former Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. (R-Westfield) this November in a rematch of a 2020 contest that Malinowski narrowly won. 

The district was redrawn to be more Republican in the interim, and Kean is generally considered to have the advantage this time. A recent internal poll from the Malinowski campaign showed the race tied at 48-48%, while an August nonpartisan poll put Kean up by eight points, 46-38%.

However, neither party is acting like the outcome is a foregone conclusion. 

In addition to several ads coming from each of the candidates themselves, the CLF and the National Republican Campaign Committee have both released spots attacking Malinowski, and the Democratic-aligned House Majority PAC has also gone on the airwaves to slam Kean. So far, the 7th district is the only district in New Jersey to attract any outside TV advertising. 

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