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Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake (D-East Orange)

Legislator says GOP are hypocrites after backing Christie and Trump

Timberlake tells DeCroce to remember her own glass house

By David Wildstein, May 01 2018 9:00 am

A freshman Essex County Assemblywoman is slamming “Republicans like Betty Lou DeCroce” for the hypocrisy of attacking U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez after spending years defending Gov. Chris Christie and President Donald Trump.

“Time and time again, Republicans in the State Legislature sat in collective silence watching Chris Christie, and Donald Trump hurt New Jersey. Due to a petty political vendetta, Republicans collectively worked to end the investigations that discovered members of the Christie administration closed access to the world’s busiest bridge,” said Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake (D-East Orange. “They supported Donald Trump even after videos of him casually describing sexual assault were made public. They cannot bring themselves to denounce the indefensible, like Parker Space’s embrace of the Confederate flag or Steve Lonegan’s homophobic slurs.”

DeCroce, a Republican Assemblywoman from Parsippany, called on Menendez to resign yesterday.  It was first reported by InsiderNJ.

Timberlake is doubling down on her support of Menendez, who was severely admonished by the U.S. Senate Ethics Committee last week for taking gifts from a friend, Dr. Salomon Melgen.  DeCroce,

“It does not matter how many people Bob Hugin asks to carry his water; Senator Menendez isn’t going anywhere. Senator Menendez is a champion for the people of New Jersey, and we need him in Washington fighting for us. Senator Menendez ensured seniors pay less for their prescriptions and health centers have the funding they need to treat everyone who comes through their doors,” said Timberlake.  “He has made access to higher education a priority and is working to make community college free who everyone. He knows that a better, more fair economy will mean more opportunities for all of us.”

Timberlake says that “Republicans like BettyLou DeCroce do not understand that New Jerseyans are concerned about real issues affecting their everyday lives.

“People care about fixing the damage caused by Donald Trump and Chris Christie, not political games. They know that no one has worked harder for them than Bob Menendez and they are going to send him back to Washington in November,” Timberlake said.

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2 thoughts on “Legislator says GOP are hypocrites after backing Christie and Trump

  1. Christie destroyed a lot of good.people for his own selfish gain He and Norcross damaged lives. No good will come to them or their family. They will be doomed for what they’ve done

    Norcross will die a horrible painful death and Christie will fall hard

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah… we’ve all heard your faux outrage at band banners (yeah, it was a band banner, not a Johnny Reb flag) and rap lyrics before. Some people just hate music. Is Assemblywoman Timberlake trying out for the Mrs. Al Gore awards? Is Timberlake the anti-Lady Gaga?
    Look, we appreciate how seriously Lady Timberlake takes unproven allegations from decades ago, but what about actual criminal indictments and convictions, how seriously do you take them? We’d like to know what goes through your mind as you snuggle up in caucus to fellow Democrats like Raj Mukherji?
    Remember him? Raj was buddies with another politician who killed a homeless African-American veteran. Just ran him over on the street like he was a dog and when the cops came he told them he had hit a deer. Your kind of guy, right Lady Timberlake? And how about your caucus mate Raj? He’s some guy…


    Message to Lady Timberlake… stop deflecting and apologize to Bob Hugin and Assemblywoman DeCroce for your stupid comments. Own up to the criminality of the scumbags in your own caucus. Then do something about it.
    Once you’ve cleaned up that stable of a mess the Democrats call a caucus, then you can play high and mighty.

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