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Goutam Jois

Jois: Compromise with GOP a mistake

By Nikita Biryukov, May 16 2018 6:32 pm

U.S. House candidate Goutam Jois won’t be aiming to capture moderate votes ahead of June’s primary.

Buoyed by primary victories by progressive candidates in Nebraska, Idaho and Pennsylvania, Jois is doubling down on progressive policies and opposition to Republican priorities.

“We can’t win elections by trying to out Leonard Lance Leonard Lance. We’re not going to be better Washington insiders than he is,” Jois said in a statement Wednesday. “The way to beat Leonard Lance is to draw the sharpest contrast with Leonard Lance. And we’ve seen around the country the kinds of candidates that win elections, both primaries and general elections: diverse, progressive, young candidates who are not part of the Washington establishment.”

In particular, Jois said that trying to find common ground with President Donald Trump is a mistake for Democratic candidates and could keep progressive voters home come election time.

“Nothing about this president is normal,” he said. “And yet we have people in our own party who try to normalize him and act as if it’s business as usual in Washington. It’s why so many voters are fed up with our politicians.

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