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Dr. Brigid Callahan Harrison. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe)

Harrison renews call for Kennedy to return Wellpath donations

By Nikita Biryukov, May 06 2020 2:44 pm

House candidate Brigid Harrison renewed her call for rival candidate Amy Kennedy to return donations from a troubled prison health care services company.

“Amy Kennedy needs to return her Wellpath money and must come clean on how her husband obtained this Board seat,” Harrison said. “It was a morally reprehensible choice to accept money from a company like Wellpath. Their plagued history and connection to ICE detention centers would give anyone in their right mind pause.  Amy’s silence on this issue only begs more questions, and now with COVID-19 it seems each passing day brings yet another Wellpath tragedy and more concern.”

Executives at Wellpath, a company that has been the subject of more than 70 wrongful death suits and more than a thousand other legal claims, contributed at least $11,400 to Kennedy’s campaign.

The candidate’s husband, former Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (D-Rhode Island), joined the firm’s board in February.

Harrison first launched an attack over the donations last month.

In response, Kennedy’s campaign hit Harrison over the tenor and timing of the attack. On Wednesday, they responded with one of their own.

“Brigid’s negative attacks are just a sad and desperate attempt to deflect from the fact that she has refused to take the End Citizens United pledge not to take corporate PAC money,” Kennedy campaign manager Josh Roesch said. “Amy took that pledge at the beginning of February, and the people of South Jersey are still waiting for Brigid to do the same. Deflect and attack seems to be Brigid’s favorite mode of communication. It’s really sad that this is the campaign that Brigid is choosing to run at a time when people need positive leadership that brings people together.”

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