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Group recruits Hugin canvassers at $25 per hour

By Nikita Biryukov, August 09 2018 5:32 pm

A campaign group backed by a Virginia-based consulting firm is paying conservative canvassers up to $25 an hour to go knocking on doors for Bob Hugin.

New Jersey Grassroots, an organization run by Stampede Consulting, is recruiting fulltime and part-time canvassers throughout the state, paying rates well above the going rate.

A fulltime canvasser working 40 hours per week for the 13 weeks remaining before November’s election could net $13,000 by going door to door, in addition to performance-based bonuses. Part-time canvassers are likely to earn less, though not proportionally.

Canvassers working fewer than six hours in a day will earn only $20 per hour.

The group is run by Stampede Consulting, a Virginia-based consulting firm that specializes in field programs. The firm saw considerable use in 2016, particularly in Nevada. The Republican state party there paid the consulting firm for more than $750,000 in services.

It’s not clear who’s paying the consulting firm this time around, nor is it clear whether or not Stampede is acting independently or coordinating with the Hugin campaign, as the latter did not return comment after being contacted at 12:40 p.m.

Regardless of who’s footing the bill, the canvassing operation is driving the bill for the race even higher.

Stampede was cited in a lawsuit filed by the Nevada Democratic Party against Republicans alleging voter intimidation at the polls in 2016, though the case was eventually dismissed.

The group did not return a phone call seeking comment about New Jersey Grassroots made at 12:28. This article will be updated with comment should it be received.

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3 thoughts on “Group recruits Hugin canvassers at $25 per hour

  1. Hi we are supporting B Hugin but not if he does not back our President & many of our friends feel the same he CAN NOT win without the conservative vote Reagan WON NJ in 80 & 84 he runs the same commercial’s about Menendez over & over we all know he’s corrupted plus we all know him when he was the mayor here in UNION CITY we hope he gets on the Trump train we feel Hugin is only a Rep by name & we hope he’s not just another RINO…. J-R Sonia & the family…

  2. What a fraud all these people worked all these hours and only got half their pay they owe me 21 more hours and they cut my pay both paychecks I worked and holly or maddie won’t answer their so ignorant they won’t return your emails or your phone calls

  3. Samantha you are so right. This company Stampede has cheated a lot of workers out of the money they owe. They barely respond to emails and when they do a half A$$ answer or broken promises is given. They do not pay like they agree to. I am owed from the beginning of the canvassing. If you come across this post I highly recommend NOT WORKING for Stampede.

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