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Democratic congressional candidate Stephanie Schmid

GOP calls Schmid a liar, says her campaign is a ‘train wreck’

Republicans cite inaccuracies in mailer, campaign finance problems as evidence of failing Democratic bid to oust Chris Smith in NJ-4

By David Wildstein, October 23 2020 11:58 am

Republicans today slammed Democratic congressional candidate Stephanie Schmid for lying about Rep. Christopher Smith’s record after the first-time candidate acknowledged that she incorrectly cited a Smith vote on a campaign mailer.

Schmid’s mailing claimed Smith voted to exclude people with pre-existing conditions from the Affordable Care Act.  Smith had actually been one of 20 House Republicans who voted against the bill, records show.

“Congressman Smith has a bipartisan record of problem solving all of New Jersey should be proud of, so it’s not surprising that the Schmid campaign has to resort to falsehoods to try and tarnish him,” said Phil Valenziano, the executive director of the Republican State Committee.  “The Schmid campaign has been a train wreck since its inception, and there’s no sign of that changing as we close in on Election Day, with this new sad chapter of fabrication.”

Schmid is a longshot in her bid to oust Smith, a 20-term incumbent who comes from the only district in New Jersey where Republicans outnumber Democrats.  Donald Trump won the district by 14 points in 2016.

“New Jerseyans in the fourth district have a leader who delivers on issues important to them, and all the falsehoods, campaign finance violations, and bizarre, flailing attacks from the Schmid campaign won’t change that,” Valenziano said.

Earlier this week, Monmouth County Democratic Chairman David Brown put some distance between the county party and Schmid, who grew up in Bergen County and moved to the 4th last year to run against Smith.

Brown said he expected all Democratic candidates to accurately state facts.

Schmid said she stood by the mailer.

“Everything is correct, except for the citation at the bottom,” she said.

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