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Republican House candidate Tricia Flanagan.

Flanagan’s pre-primary report filed late, with errors

By Nikita Biryukov, July 02 2020 11:56 am

Republican Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan reported raising $5,738.20 between April 1 and June 17 in an apparently-incomplete pre-primary campaign finance report filed late with the Federal Election Commission.

Flanagan’s filing improperly reports her fundraising and spending over the rest of the cycle.

In April, Flanagan reported cycle-wide fundraising of $14,836, but the pre-primary filing lists her total receipts for the campaign as $5,738.20, the same amount she reported raising in the two-and-a-half months since the last reporting period.

The candidate’s filing said she had $4570.68 in the bank.

Flanagan’s filing was made after the FEC sent her a request for additional information. The filing was due on June 25, and the federal agency sent her the RFAI on June 26.

She filed her report on June 30. Though still late, the submission is something of an improvement for Flanagan.

The candidate filed her 1st quarter report two weeks late. The first three quarterly reports she filed in 2019 were each made roughly a month after they were due. Her filing for the fourth quarter of 2019 came two months late.

Flanagan claims to have $400,000 worth of “campaign assets.” There only indication of that is a $405,500 in-kind contribution Flanagan reported making to her campaign in December. It’s not clear how that valuation was reached.

A previous version of this article said there was no evidence of Flanagan’s $400,000 in ‘campaign assets.’ That was incorrect.

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