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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rik Mehta. (Photo: courtesy of Facebook)

Flanagan, Rogers endorse Mehta

By Nikita Biryukov, August 13 2020 4:09 pm

Former U.S. Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan endorsed once-rival Rik Mehta’s bid Thursday.

“We stand on the principle that ALL Republicans in N.J. matter, including Conservatives as well as All Americans, a principle and commitment we trust Rik Metha will stand for and honor once elected,” Flanagan and former Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers said in a joint statement. “In the spirit of unifying our party for the good of our state and nation, we endorse Rik Mehta for the US Senate and ask all of our supporters to support and vote for him in November.”

Flanagan signaled the endorsement in late July but held off, saying at the time that any endorsement would come jointly from her and Rogers.

The former Senate candidate joined Rogers for America, an organization founded and led by Rogers, shortly after the conclusion of last month’s primaries.

Rogers is a member of President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign advisory board.

A third candidate, Hirsh Singh, is seeking a recount that appears unlikely to change the results of the July primary. Mehta leads Singh by more than two points.

“Now that the NJ primary election is over and NJ republicans elected who they want to send to Washington to help President Trump continue with his America First agenda, it is imperative for all NJ Republicans to unite and work together for the good of our state and nation,” Rogers and Flanagan said.

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