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Former New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Joey Rullo

Ex-GOP candidate won’t back Hugin

Rullo endorses Tricia Flanagan for U.S. Senate

By David Wildstein, September 01 2018 4:03 pm

Conservative activist Joey Rullo, who sought the GOP nomination for governor in 2017, is endorsing independent Tricia Flanagan for U.S. Senate in the general election.

Rullo says that Republican Bob Hugin is not a conservative Republican, partly because he bashes President Donald Trump.

“I’ve never done this after a primary, but I can’t support someone who took advantage if cancer patients, said Rullo. “I warned the establishment this issue would blow their chance for a no-brainer race after Menendez indictment.”

Rullo’s position on Hugin puts him in disagreement with Menendez, who has accused the former drug company CEO of being a Trump pawn.

“When he loses, I call upon all conservatives, Trump MAGA supporters and Republicans to remove these state GOP RINO (Republicans in name only) leaders from power.”

Rullo said that Libertarian nominee Murray Sabrin is not a viable option for conservatives.

“Sabrin opposes MAGA agenda opposes Trumps wall he isn’t an option and shouldn’t be for any New Jersey Trump supporter,” Rullo said.

The former gubernatorial candidate says he’s spending some of his time helping two South Jersey Republicans running for Congress.

“I’m heavily promoting MacArthur and Grossman who are both MAGA candidates who support Trump. I’ve been leading the narrative their opponents will impeach Trump,”Rullo said. “With that being said I’m supporting the line except Hugin.”

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13 thoughts on “Ex-GOP candidate won’t back Hugin

  1. I agree with Joe Rullo that Bob Hugin is not an electable candidate. I think Hugin’s record as a crony capitalist not only offends many people as Rullo mentions, it also stands in contradiction to conservative principles. I won’t support a far left ideologue like Menendez or a crony capitalist who establishment RINOs forced on us like Hugin. I like some of what Trump has done, but dislike other things and voting for someone who will follow him blindly like Flanagan is not someone I’m interested in voting for. I’m voting for Murray Sabrin, the only candidate who believes in free markets, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and the constitution.

  2. I am supporting Murray Sabrin for U.S. Senate. I like Trisha, and I am a MAGA supporter ALL THE WAY… and I fully believe that Murray is the BEST candidate. Murray has been a defender of individual liberty for more than three decades, he has fought for our second amendment rights and he stands with President Trump on many issues. If we send him to DC, he will be a problem solver. He has proven wisdom on fiscal matters and on liberty. I am fully confident that he will help MAGA and help President Trump.

  3. Looks like three will be a charm. I too am voting for Murray Sabrin. He believes in the Constitution all of it, not just the parts that are convenient He has real solutions to real problems that plague us.

  4. I’m a yuuuuge Trump supporter and firmly believe in Murray Sabrin. I’ve spoken to Tricia, and though shes pretty sharp and quite lovely, I do not believe she gets it. It’s not about a MAGA majority, its about the Constitution. Murray has her beat hands down with a blindfold on.

    P.S. Supporting MAGA is not restricted to building a wall. That’s just foolish.

  5. Rullo says he’s a conservative but supports big government heavy tax plans like a 2,000 mile multi billion dollar infrastructure program called a wall – this isn’t conservative it’s populist. Murray Sabrin supports small government, tax relief, less spending economic plans that would appeal to conservatives, independents and of course Libertarians. I hope the author allows Dr Sabrin an opportunity to respond.

  6. It’s time for RINOs to go the way of the dinosaur. I’m tired of so called conservatives being nothing of the sort. Murray is the way to go. I support someone that believes in the constitution and will fight for our individual liberties.

  7. I’m with Murray Sabrin, we need to get behind candidates who not only respect the vision of the founders but also actually believe and understand that vision.

  8. Although I strongly disagree with Hugin’s Pro-Abortion and Pro-gay agenda stances, along with distancing himself from the president, I’ll be voting for him because Menendez is EVIL. If Menendez is re-elected, he will not only vote against and demagogue Trump’s future Supreme Court Justice nominees, he’ll also oppose the president 90-99.8% of the time! Hugin, would most likely vote for the nominees, he’ll support the president a minimum of 50-65% of the time (if not higher). Hugin did donate to the president’s campaign and sat-in at White House meetings with Trump. Hugin would also add another senator in the Republican side of the isle protecting the majority. Do you want a Senate president Schumer in the near future? PERISH the thought!
    Sabrin, a decent man has NO chance of winning, although he may make it possible for a Menendez re-election. This election will come down to a 1-2% vote victory for the winner. The thought of six more years of Menendez partnering with the radical Booker viciously attacking the president is horribly repugnant!
    I admit, it’s not an ideal scenario and there will be no Hugin sign on my lawn, however, if I had to choose between cancer and the flu, I’ll take the flu.

  9. I’m pretty sure the last 6 comments came from the same person pretending to be different people. Pathetic. Will Hugin win? Probably not. Will Sabrin lose? Absolutely! Bet on it. I doubt Menendez will win by small enough of a margin to make Sabrin’s voters actually matter, but if he does I’m sure these fake Republican “issues voters” will privately rejoice in their sabatogue while complaining about Menendez for the next 6 years.

  10. This idea that Republicans ought to have blind loyalty to Trump is disturbing. Murray Sabrin is the only one who has a clue about economics. The exonomic status quo of inflation, regulation, taxation and intervention is the greatest threat to our liberties in the country.

  11. I am supporting Sabrin for Senate. I believe he will be a true champion of the Constitution. I also believe that he will bring the much needed voice of fiscal sanity to the Senate. Sabrin is the best candidate in the election hands down, voting for anyone else would be accepting a subpar candidate.

  12. Trump is not running , he is not the issue. Whether someone supports him personally will not influence my vote. However, when he did run, I could not vote for him because of his support for sodomite ‘marriage’ and throwing social issues under the bus. So today I will pull the lever for somebody who will not do that (that means either Sabrin or Flanagan). Of course they cannot win, but what do we win by ushering in Sodom and Gomorrah?

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