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A new House Majority PAC ad hits Tom Kean Jr. on his abortion record. (Photo: House Majority PAC via YouTube).

Democratic PAC spotlights Kean’s abortion record in new ad

Ad is first outside Democratic spending in 7th district this cycle

By Joey Fox, September 23 2022 10:34 am

The House Majority PAC, a major Democratic group affiliated with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, launched a new TV ad today portraying former State Senate Minority Leader and current 7th congressional district candidate Tom Kean Jr. (R-Westfield) as an extremist on abortion.

The ad, which does not mention incumbent Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-Ringoes), marks the first outside Democratic spending in the 7th district this cycle.

Script: (Narrator): “For 20 years in Trenton, Tom Kean Jr. voted to restrict abortion rights and reproductive health care in New Jersey. ‘Fighting every step of the way’ – even on his last day in office, voting against protecting a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions. Now Kean wants to join the MAGA Republicans in Washington who have promised to outlaw abortion nationwide. Kean’s too extreme for Jersey.”

Among other things, the ad references Kean’s vote against the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act, which codified Roe v. Wade into state law after passing the legislature in January, and his promise to “protect the unborn” on a semi-hidden webpage.

But Kean, who overall held a moderate record on abortion in the legislature, has not signed onto congressional Republican proposals to limit or ban abortion nationwide, as the ad implies.

The issue of protecting abortion access has become a lynchpin in Democratic campaigns around the country, and the 7th district is no exception. Malinowski has already run his own ad targeting Kean on abortion, while Kean has largely tried to redirect the conversation to inflation and high government spending – an effort aided by the Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican group that began running spending-focused ads earlier this month.

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