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Atilis Gym owner Ian Smith. (Photo: Ian Smith).

Cinnaminson PD report contradicts Ian Smith claim that he passed a field sobriety test

April 18 court date set for charges of intoxicated operation of a vehicle

By Joey Fox, April 07 2022 10:07 am

A police report from the Cinnaminson Police Department says that Republican congressional candidate Ian Smith failed a field sobriety test when he was pulled over in the early morning of March 27, contradicting Smith’s claim that he passed the test. The report, which was obtained via an Open Public Records Act request, also details Smith’s refusal to comply with other measures, including a breathalyzer test.

“While patrolling in the area of Route 130 North and Andover Road I observed a black Ford pickup truck failing to maintain its lane and almost running another vehicle off of the roadway,” officer Harry Cicale wrote. “Upon approaching the driver’s side window I made contact with the operator of the vehicle identified per his NJ [drivers license] as Ian Smith.”

“I could immediately detect an odor of alcoholic beverage on Mr. Smith and observed his eyes being bloodshot and watery,” Cicale continued. “Mr. Smith did [advise] he had a drink at a bar in Collingswood and was driving to Delanco. I conducted [Standardized Field Sobriety Tests] on Mr. Smith to which he failed.”

According to Cicale, Smith refused to cooperate throughout the proceedings, including when he was taken back to the Cinnaminson PD headquarters.

“[Smith] was taken into custody and brought back to police headquarters where he refused to provide breath samples,” Cicale wrote. “Mr. Smith was uncooperative during his entire time back at police headquarters and was released to [redacted], a sober third party.”

The official police report notes that Smith refused to provide the department with a number of basic details, including his phone number, employer, and next of kin. His court summonses on charges of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs are scheduled for April 18.

This isn’t the first time Smith has been arrested for drinking and driving. When he was 20 years old, Smith drove while intoxicated and hit and killed 19-year-old Kevin Ade. Smith served time in prison and has been open about his struggle to move on from the accident that “broke the hearts of an entire community,” but last month’s arrest has naturally reinvigorated interest in the earlier case.

Smith, an anti-lockdown gym owner who is running an off-the-line bid for the state’s 3rd congressional district, has repeatedly implied without evidence that the Cinnaminson PD’s charges are politically motivated, and cited that as the reason why he refused to take the breathalyzer test.

“I immediately wondered why Ian was pulled over in the first place,” Smith campaign consultant Steve Kush said on March 29. “The governor obviously hates him! Establishment politicians don’t want him. Andy Kim and the Democrats continuously send emails using Ian’s name to raise money… Ian has a distrust of government in New Jersey after being persecuted by the governor and government agencies for two years.”

This story was updated at 1:07 p.m. with a correction: Smith was pulled over on Route 130, not Route 137.

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