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Former Vice President Joe Biden (FACEBOOK)

Biden endorses Malinowski for Congress

Ex-VP gives post-primary endorsement

By David Wildstein, July 02 2018 1:43 pm

The endorsement today of Tom Malinowski for Congress by former Vice President Joe Biden raises an interesting point: is it news when a politician endorses a candidate of their own party after the primary election?

Biden endorsed former White House aide Andy Kim in March and ex-Navy helicopter pilot Mikie Sherrill in April.  Kim was unopposed in the Democratic primary (although the filing deadline had still not passed), while four Democrats challenged Sherrill for the nomination.

Almost a month has passed since Malinowski beat out Peter Jacob and Goutam Jois for the chance to take on five-term Republican Rep. Leonard Lance in the fall.  In a way, the news here was that Biden didn’t endorse Malinowski, who served as Assistant U.S. Secretary of State in the Obama/Biden administration, before now.

Still, Biden carried New Jersey twice – although he lost the 7th district both times – and his endorsement will be more helpful to Malinowski than not.  It was worth releasing it, even if it is a little late. And if Biden decides to come to New Jersey to campaign for Malinowski, that will be worthy of attention.

“We are living through a battle for the soul of our nation,” Biden said, “and Tom has spent his life fighting for the best of what America can be.  Tom and his mother came to America fleeing an autocratic regime, and after growing up in New Jersey, he represented America in our fight for democracy and freedom around the world.  We need leaders like Tom in Washington standing up for American values at home – for policies that favor the middle class, defend our health care and the environment, and protect our democracy and the rights of all Americans. Tom has my wholehearted endorsement.”

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