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New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way..

Way calls for ‘young, healthy’ New Jerseyans to serve as Election Day poll workers

Signup: pollworker.nj.gov

By David Wildstein, August 14 2020 3:24 pm

Secretary of State Tahesha Way has put out a call for younger New Jerseyans to work at polling places on Election Day, acknowledging that the state’s traditional corps of elderly workers might not be ready to work during a national health pandemic.

“We need young, healthy individuals to step up and serve as poll workers,” Way said.

Poll workers earn $200 for their Election Day work. It’s a long day: workers need to arrive around 5:30 AM to open the polls at 6 AM, and leave about a half-hour after the polls close at 8 PM.

Additionally, new poll workers must undergo a two-hour training session.  This is being conducted online, but no additional payment is made for the training.

“We don’t want the unintended consequence of an older poll worker or someone who’s got comorbidities showing up feeling obligated if we can somehow dig deeper into a younger, healthy group,” Murphy said.

Way urged potential poll workers to sign up at pollworker.nj.gov.

“Even with a mostly vote-by-mail election, we still have in-person polling locations,” Way said.  “We are working to reach out to colleges and organizations like the State Bar Association to recruit younger poll workers who we need to take the place of any of our regular poll workers who tend to be older and more at risk for COVID-19.”

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