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House Candidate Stephanie Schmid. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe)

UAW backs Schmid in NJ-4

By David Wildstein, October 07 2020 11:25 am

The United Auto Workers has endorsed Democrat Stephanie Schmid for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th district.

Schmid is taking on Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-Hamilton), a 20-term Republican congressman.

“Jobs in the auto industry and our rights as workers have been hit hard for many years, and we are confident that Stephanie will be an advocate for us in Washington, a partner in our fight to ensure a living wage for all workers, the right to collective bargaining, and to keep auto industry jobs here at home,” said UAW Region 9 director Jeffrey Binz.” UAW looks forward to working side-by-side with Stephanie in Congress to further benefit the workers of our nation and defend our right to unionize.”

Early this year, UAW Local 2210 added members when the organized a Ford parts warehouse in Cranbury.

The union is engaged in an on-going bid to unionize a Nissan parts distribution center in Somerset.

“I believe that in order to enact change and secure workers’ rights, America’s workers must be supported by elected officials who stand up for them,” Schmid said.  “Fighting for policies that benefit workers’ rights and livelihoods will always be at the forefront of what I do and what I believe in.”

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