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Some key political deadlines over the next week

By David Wildstein, April 07 2021 9:20 am

New Jersey has some important political deadlines coming up that are worth watching:

* County political party organizations and other candidates have until 4 PM today to submit bracketing letters that will allow them to run together on the primary election ballot.  This includes designation as the candidates of an organization line, and off the line contenders joining together to secure a better ballot position.

* The deadline to amend defective petitions is 4 PM tomorrow. That’s largely to cure technical defects and not to add additional signatures.

* Candidates have until 4 PM on Friday to file any objections to nominating petitions.  This typically opens a short season of hearings before an administrative law judge on the validity of a petition.  In 2020, a judge tossed both Republican candidates for Congress in the 6th district off the ballot when neither wound up having enough signatures.

* The deadline to switch out candidates who filed petitions using a Committee on Vacancies – a slightly archaic system where three people were designated to effectively own the petitions – is at 4 PM on April 14.

* Also one week from today: the deadline to file a party declaration change with county election officials.  That means voters who are registered with a particular party must decide by April 14 if they want to vote in the primary election of another party.  Voters unaffiliated with any party have until Election Day to decide.

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