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Cumberland County Freeholder Jack Surrency

Progressives mount challenges against organization slates across the state

By David Wildstein, March 30 2020 4:07 pm

Progressive candidates will run off-the-line slates of candidates for freeholder and other offices in several New Jersey counties, including Hudson, Essex, Union, Middlesex and throughout South Jersey.

The South Jersey candidates will be bracketed with congressional candidate Amy Kennedy in several of the counties where rival Brigid Callahan Harrison has the organization line.

Kennedy has the line in Atlantic County, which makes up more than 40% of the votes cast in the last Democratic primary.

In Cumberland, Kennedy will run on a slate that includes incumbent freeholder Jack Surrency.  Cumberland Democrats declined to endorse Surrency for re-election.

Progressive candidates filed for all nine Hudson County freeholder seats.

It’s not immediately clear if presidential candidate Bernie Sanders or U.S. Senate candidate Lawrence Hamm will bracket with those slates.

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