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Montclair High School. (Photo: Wikipedia Creative Commons).

Montclair school board election turnout now at 10.5%

Nearly 700 uncounted ballots isn’t likely to change outcome

By David Wildstein, March 09 2022 10:50 pm

The outcome of Tuesday’s Montclair Board of Education election is unlikely to change, with Phaedra Ruddock Dunn and Melanie Deysher still the apparent winners in the first school board election since the 1940s.

Election officials said that another 320 vote-by-mail ballots arrived on Wednesday and that 256 provisional ballots still uncounted.  Additionally, one of the town’s 35 districts is still not in the vote tally and there are 18 outstanding cure letters that could result in counted votes.

Dunn was the top vote-getter with 1,512 votes, followed by Deysher with 1,288.  The third-place finisher in the field of nine candidates was Yvonne Bouknight with 868 votes.

Bouknight would need to win about 65% of the remaining votes to win.

Trailing were Holly Shaw (669), Lauren Griffin (492), Jerold Freier (467), Jenette Williams (348), George Simpson (204) and Noah Gale (173).   Dunn and Dysher were running mates.

Voter turnout right now appears to be at about 10.5%.

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