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Millennials for New Jersey board members, left to right, Matt Clarkin, Matt Anderson, Juan Carlos Nordelo and Kaylee McGuire.

Millennials for NJ offers Ready to Run scholarships

By David Wildstein, February 28 2020 10:12 am

Millennials for New Jersey, a political action committee run formed last year to elect young Democrats to public office, is sponsoring four scholarships for millennial candidates to attend the Center for American Women and Politics 2020 Ready to Run conference at Rutgers University.

Ready to Run is a prestigious training program for women who want to seek public office in New Jersey.  The program offers training on public speaking, digital strategy, and campaign communications.

“Navigating New Jersey politics can feel intimidating, especially for young women entering politics,” said Kaylee McGuire, a Millennials for NJ board member and an Assembly Democratic staffer. “Which is why I am excited that Millennials for NJ will help more young women attend this quality learning and networking opportunity.”

Seven candidates endorsed by Millennials for NJ won their races in 2019, including Hamilton mayor Jeff Martin and Dumont mayor Andrew LaBruno.

“As a recent graduate of the Ready to Run Program, I know first-hand the immense value this opportunity offers to women in politics, said Rebecca Schwartz, and aide to Gov. Phil Murphy and a Millennials for NJ board member. “The program expanded my network and taught me important skills vital to the campaign trail.”

Millennials for New Jersey is chaired by Matt Anderson, a former top aide to State Sen. Vin Gopal (D-Long Branch) and a rising star in New Jersey politics.

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