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Essex County Democratic Chairman LeRoy Jones. (Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

County parties raise more than $8 million in 2021

Democratic parties handily outraise Republicans

By Joey Fox, November 09 2021 10:38 am

County parties in New Jersey raised just over $8 million and spent $6.1 million this year, higher than any year since 2009, according to a report released today by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC). 

Democratic county parties accounted for the lion’s share of that fundraising and spending, raising $6.5 million to their Republican counterparts’ $1.5 million. Democrats also used far more of their money, spending nearly $5 million over the course of the year compared to around $1.3 million on the Republican side.

The figures continue a trend in which gubernatorial election years witness significantly higher fundraising – especially in years with competitive gubernatorial elections, like this year and 2009.

“Looking at the average of the four gubernatorial elections since and including 2009, and nine non-gubernatorial elections during the same period, county parties on average have raised 42.3 percent more during gubernatorial election years,’’ ELEC executive director Jeff Brindle said in a statement. “They also have spent an average of 34.6 percent more.”

The most prolific county party from either side of the aisle was the Essex County Democratic Party, led by state Democratic chair LeRoy Jones, which raised a whopping $856,568. Other county parties in big, largely Democratic counties like Bergen, Middlesex, Passaic, and Union also witnessed fundraising over $500,000.

Most successful on the Republican side was the Monmouth County Republican Party, which raised $245,825 – still a lower total than the Monmouth County Democratic Party, which raised $328,589. The only other Republican party that surpassed $200,000 was the Passaic County party, which raised $210,070.

In only two counties – Cape May and Sussex – did a Republican party organization outraise its Democratic counterpart.

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