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Democratic congressional candidate Christine Conforti, a former United Nations staffer

Conforti picks up Point Pleasant Beach endorsements

By David Wildstein, March 27 2020 2:46 pm

Former United Nations Staffer Christine Conforti has announced endorsements from Point Pleasant Beach Democratic leaders in her bid to challenge Rep. Christopher Smith (R-Hamilton) in New Jersey 4th district.

Conforti has the backing of Point Pleasant Beach Democratic municipal chairman Don Rodgers and Georgia Cassidy, the vice chair and club president.

“Christine Conforti has the unique ability to connect with people in a way that we do not often see from a first-time candidate. Her platform will move our district forward by dealing with the kitchen table issues affecting all of us during this time of national crisis,” Rodgers and Cassidy said in a statement that also includes the names of nine county committee members in Ocean County.

They say that Conforti “steers clear of identity politics while focusing on guaranteed healthcare, affordability and livability for families, investments in Mom & Pop type businesses and protections of the fragile environment that provides an income and joy to many.”

Conforti has won the only vote so far, prevailing at the Mercer County Democratic convention earlier this month.

She faces former U.S. Department of State official Stephanie Schmid and former journalist David Applefield for the chance to take on Smith, a 20-term incumbent.

Monmouth will award their organization line after a vote-by-mail convention.  Ocean is holding an online vote.

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