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Sam Sweet. (Photo: Gloucester Township Democrats).

Assemblywoman wants Delany to disavow running mate’s ‘eighth-grade humor’

Lampitt angered by Sam Sweet’s misogynistic social media posts

By David Wildstein, May 23 2023 12:27 pm

A veteran lawmaker thinks a long history of chauvinistic and bawdy social media posts by Camden County commissioner candidate Sam Sweet is unacceptable, and she wants his running mate to renounce his behavior.

“It’s one thing for a private citizen to hold such reprehensible views; it’s another entirely for that person to put themselves on the ballot to represent over 520,000 Camden County residents,” said Assembly Deputy Speaker Pamela Lampitt (D-Cherry Hill).  “This county deserves so much better.”

Sweet, who has an affinity for misogynistic Facebook posts involving women’s breasts and male genitalia, refused to apologize for them during an interview for a vacant Gloucester Township Council seat this month, instead saying, “It was eighth-grade humor.”

In that interview, Sweet suggested his running mate in the June 6 Democratic primary for county commissioner, Kate Delany, agreed that they were funny.  Delany did not immediately reply to a text message on her cell phone seeking comment.

“Sweet said his running mate knows about his posts making fun of – and objectifying – women’s anatomy and that she finds them ‘funny,’” said Lampitt.  “If that’s true, it is disqualifying for Kate Delany, and represents a complete rejection of progressive Democratic values.”

Lampitt wants Delany, a former Collingswood Democratic municipal chair and staunch critic of the Camden County Democratic machine, to disavow Sweet and “explain why she ran with him in the first place.”

“I have to question the lack of basic common sense that allowed her to run with this person and remain silent in the week since these posts have come to light,” stated Lampitt.

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