Governor Murphy’s Grade Today

Today is Phil Murphy’s 16th day in office.  He signed an Executive Order promoting offshore wind energy -- another base vote issue.  And his endorsed candidate for the United States Senate had his indictment dismissed. (PoliticsDW will give Murphy a grade every day — either a check, a check plus, a check minus, or an incomplete.  He’ll get a letter grade every week.  Last week, Murphy got an A.)

Union Dems set special election

Union County Democrats set the date for the special election for County Chairman: February 21, in Clark. Jerry Green resigned as county chairman last week, moving the vice chair, Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr, into the acting chair position.  Mahr will face State Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Linden), and a late entry into the contest, Hillside Democratic Municipal Chairman Anthony Salter. The Mahr and Scutari camps speak confidently of their chances, but

Steinhardt: Voters are Menendez judge

Hours after a federal judge dismissed an indictment against Sen. Bob Menendez, Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt has stepped up his attacks on the Democratic Senator, who is up for re-election this fall. “Narrowly avoiding a re-trial on federal corruption charges doesn’t mean Senator Menendez is worthy of reelection," Steinhardt said.  "New Jersey deserves better than a career politician who accepted lavish, tropical vacations and private jets courtesy of a

Linden Councilwomen bash Mahr

Two Linden Councilwomen are protesting acting Union County Democratic Chair Colleen Mahr's selection of Linden Mayor Derek Armstead as her running mate, saying that Armstead "is the epitome of the challenges facing women in politics – not the answer." "We have both respectfully disagreed and spoken out against Mayor Armstead’s tactics and policies in the past. As a consequence, we have both been subjected to verbal attacks, internet smears, and

Internal poll has Menendez up 14

An internal poll conducted by Bob Menendez’s U.S. Senate campaign shows him with a 14-point lead, 47%-33%, over a Republican challenger, according to an internal campaign memorandum. Menendez has a six-point lead among voters aware of his 2017 corruption trial – a lead that expands to 17-points, 51%-34% after voters are made aware of Menendez’s record, according to the poll. The internal poll also has Menendez with a 54%-36% approval

Payne has banked less than $100k

It’s expensive keeping a safe seat safe:  Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. has raised $272,546 for this cycle, but he’s only got $90,837 cash-on-hand.  Payne burns through money quickly – high overhead, lots of contributions to local organizations and candidates, and some travel and entertaining.  He spends a lot on consultants -- $18,000 to Eric Payne so far. Payne wins elections with something north of 85% of the vote, so whatever

Kim adds Burlington support

Former Obama White House aide Andy Kim is close to locking up the Democratic nomination for Congress in New Jersey’s 3rd district, releasing endorsements from top Burlington County Democrats today. Democratic County Chairman Joe Andl, State Sen. Troy Singleton, Assemblywoman Carol Murphy and Assemblyman Herb Conaway today announced their support for Kim’s bid to unseat two-term incumbent Thomas MacArthur. “We are proud to support Andy Kim.  He has built an

Menendez likely to get committee back

The dismissal of the indictment against Bob Menendez clears the way for him to regain the ranking Democrat position on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  If Democrats regain the majority in the Senate this year, he would be in line to chair the committee. Menendez, who chaired the foreign relations panel from 2013 to 2015, stepped away from his post three years ago while defending himself against DOJ accusations. 

DOJ drops all charges against Menendez

The Justice Department has moved to dismiss the indictment against U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez.  The story was first reported by POLITICO’s Ryan Hutchins. The DOJ decision comes after a federal judge tossed many of the charges filed against the New Jersey Senator. Menendez has already consolidated party support, and the absence of another prolonged trial puts the Democrat in a strong position to win re-election. The last time Republicans won

Cunningham endorses Scutari

Nicholas Scutari has picked up the endorsement of another State Senate colleague in bid for Union County Democratic Chairman. State Sen. Sandra Cunningham (D-Jersey City) says that Scutari "will be a remarkable Union County Chairman." “Since entering the New Jersey Senate in 2007, Senator Scutari stood by me not just when it comes to civil rights, but women’s rights. He helped to protect health care for women against Republican cuts,"